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Birmingham 2050: The value of urban agriculture

Why does local food growing matter? What’s its value to a city?

How can we explain its’ impact? Indeed, how can we assess its impact and value to our society?These matters are explored in a report just published: One touch of nature: The value of urban agriculture, one of the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios series. It’d be great to hear your views on it.

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New slant on urban farming? Biomass for local energy generation grown on contaminated land

I’d never thought of using contaminated urban land to grow biomass before. But that’s exactly what I heard about at a New Optimists Forum meeting last night at Aston Business School.

And here’s the story:

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Martineau Gardens’ Caroline Hutton: Allotments are great fun but no answer to feeding Brum

Caroline Hutton runs Martineau Gardens in Edgbaston:

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