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The Carrot City Talks: Jarred Henderson

The final speaker at the Edible Eastside event was Jarred Henderson, a designer and urban grower at Wayward Plants. Jarred’s talk was substantially different than the previous two, it focussed primarily on the sites operated by the organisation he works for; why they exist and the benefits they provide to communities.

The Carrot City Talks: Mike Dring

Mike Dring (middle of the picture) was the second speaker at the third Carrot City event hosted in the garage space of Edible Eastside. Mike is a lecturer at BCU’s BIAD faculty, and has worked with Jayne Bradley’s site extensively; having been employed in the nearby architecture firm, K4, before taking up at post at the nearby University. He is also part of the organising committee behind the UK version of Carrot City: spending a many-a-hours working away on the boards and exhibition spaces.

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The Carrot City Talks: Dr Joe Nasr

The third Carrot City event occurred at Edible Eastside and featured talks from Dr Joe Nasr (Ryerson University), Mike Dring (Birmingham City University, BIAD) and Jarred Henderson (Wayward Plants). After a quick introduction from Jayne Bradley (Urban Grain), Joe Nasr, one of the exhibition’s curators, introduced Carrot City: its origins, current state and future ambitions.

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The Carrot City Talks: Nick Grayson

Following the half-day event, which featured Andre Viljoen, Anne Cranston and Jayne Bradley, a lone seminar took place on Monday 23rd April: Nick Grayson, Climate Change and Sustainability Manager for Birmingham City Council, led this seminar, which had a specific focus on Birmingham.

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The Carrot City Talks: Jayne Bradley

The third and final speaker, during the first Carrot City seminar, was Jayne Bradley of Urban Grain.

Jayne spoke about a project called Edible Eastside

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The Carrot City Talks: Anne Cranston

Anne Cranston (Groundwork) also spoke at the Carrot City seminar in Birmingham this week, following on after Andre Viljoen. She told us about Groundwork’s experiences with establishing urban agriculture projects here in the West Midlands.

A particularly interesting aspect of Anne’s talk was her explanation of the sheer effort required to get one of these projects ‘off the ground’.

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The Carrot City Talks: Andre Viljoen

Andre Viljoen is a leader in the urban agriculture field. An architect by profession, he’s now at the University of Brighton.

Birmingham City University were lucky to get him to speak at the Carrot City event last week on ‘Practising Urban Agriculture’.

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