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The excitement of new liff

I hadn’t quite bargained for the shiver of excitement when I saw the seedlings first stick their noses up over the compost.

And, like seeing my very newborn son many moons ago, I mistook my thrill response for aesthetic appreciation.

Just as I mistook a purple wizened ET-like babe as an utterly beautiful Meaning of Life, so I mistook the sight of spindly kale as a Meaning of Life too.

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Balcony Larder: The start

Over the next few months, I will be converting my west-south-west-facing balcony space (150cm x 480cm, see left) into a living larder.

As I’m fairly clueless about what to do, the Greedy Gardener┬áis advising me.

I’ll be keeping a running total of expenditure set against what I save in food bills.

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