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This Sunday! Community Food Festival at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

15th September 2013 from 10am to 6.30pm  . . . & free entry to Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Westbourne Road!

A celebration of everything edible from the West Midlands (WM) including a horticultural show so you can show off your amazing fruit and veg, a community hub so you can touch base with the amazing projects from the area AND OF COURSE delicious food to buy and eat from WM producers.

The day is set to be a cracker, with so much to see and do it promises to entertain the whole family and fill them full of beautiful food! So head on down on the 15th and say mmmmmm!

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Urban Food Projects get underway at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

A cold Easter weekend saw the launch of an Urban Food Stall at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  Established on an old Lambeth Market barrow, the stall hopes to provide a new way of focussing on food in inner city Birmingham.

This urban food stall is all about locally grown vegetables and fruit, but also has a range of locally produced jams, preserves and chutney, as well as vegetable seeds, and vegetable and fruit plants.  Giving visitors and those wanting fresh, local fruit and veg the chance to get everything from seed to end product in one place.

Community food growers meeting at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Are you interested in urban food growing, as an individual or part of a community group?

On the 16th January Big Dig Brum is holding a meeting at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

As well as an opportunity to meet new groups, gather contacts and get ideas, the meeting will also include short presentations by local author and gardening journalist Alys Fowler and Mike Hardman (Birmingham City University) on the need, importance and context of growing food in Birmingham.

Balcony Larder: Salad success, a fruiting triffid & strawberries from Wimbledon to the Olympics

I’ve had only one resounding success in this summer of dire weather. And that’s in the production of salad leaves. Lots of ’em, several kinds including the very tasty, impossible-to-buy chervil. I reckon I’ve had over 25 platefuls of the it.

I went away for a couple of days, though, and the stuff bolted. No, don’t eat the flowers, I stupidly learnt the hard way they don’t do you any good at all — though, as you can see in the picture, nasturtiums can be part of a salad, they have a peppery taste.

On the advice of the GreedyGardener I brutally tore the bolting salads all up.  And my infant granddaughters and I got delightfully dirty in sowing some more.


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