Urban Food Projects get underway at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

A cold Easter weekend saw the launch of an Urban Food Stall at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  Established on an old Lambeth Market barrow, the stall hopes to provide a new way of focussing on food in inner city Birmingham.

This urban food stall is all about locally grown vegetables and fruit, but also has a range of locally produced jams, preserves and chutney, as well as vegetable seeds, and vegetable and fruit plants.  Giving visitors and those wanting fresh, local fruit and veg the chance to get everything from seed to end product in one place.

Supported by NHS West Midlands, the urban food stall is one of five projects currently under way at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, including a perennial food nursery project, local growers awards, and a forthcoming Urban Community Food Festival due to be held in September.  Keep an eye out for the date coming soon!!

If you want to know more about the activities at the Botanical Gardens, or want to get involved, please add a comment below.  Initially the urban food stall will operate at weekends at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.


3 Responses to Urban Food Projects get underway at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

  1. Joan Ible says:

    Im interested in local food event as I specialise in Caribbean Rum Cakes & also a Vegan Cake called TOTO. I also make handmade preserve With a Caribbean twist etc.

    • Chris Blythe says:

      Thanks for this Joan, once details of the food festival are finalised, the organisers will be in touch. The more local food we can support the better.

  2. Great to hear about your food stall.
    If anyone wants to learn more about sustainable food growing on a market garden scale, we have plenty of opportunities to volunteer with Salop Drive Market Garden, Oldbury in Sandwell …do get in touch!


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