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Rosario, Argentina: a city of urban farmers

In 2002, Argentina suffered a severe economic crisis, resulting in many of the poor becoming unable to feed themselves. In Rosario, however, a large scale community farming effort alleviated these problems, and led to a rise of urban farming as a way of life which continues today.

Herligheten Urban Allotment Project, Oslo, Norway

Initiated in April 2012, Herligheten is an urban food project founded on ecological principles. It consists of 100 allotments and a 250m² field growing ancient grain types such as spelt, emmer and einkorn.

Located in the heart of Oslo in ‘Bjørvika’, a rocky island in the centre of a building site, the project is surrounded on all sides by roads, railways lines and industrial buildings.

One of the primary reasons for its location in an industrialised sector is the hope that ongoing monitoring with shed light on the effect of pollution on the success rates of urban gardening.

The Urban Farming Food Chain Project, Los Angeles

Urban Farming, an urban agriculture organisation in Los Angeles, began in 2005.

Focused around the re-use of derelict land, their aim is to ensure adequate food for those in need, educating young and old alike to create more sustainable economic system.

Registering your own garden project is easy, and you’d be joining nearly 60,000 others on the Food Chain Project.

New slant on urban farming? Biomass for local energy generation grown on contaminated land

I’d never thought of using contaminated urban land to grow biomass before. But that’s exactly what I heard about at a New Optimists Forum meeting last night at Aston Business School.

And here’s the story:

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