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Big Dig Brum has begun!

Fifty or sixty people were expected. My guess is well over 150 turned up.

Big Dig Brum began at Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Wednesday evening. Enthusiastic, lively, interesting people, a heart-warmingly friendly bunch who gave of their all in the break-out session. Thank you everyone.

Special thanks to organisers/speakers: writer and horticulturalist Alys Fowler, Mike Hardman from BCU,  Lee Hale and Clare Savage from Winterbourne’s Urban Veg, Vic Acland (Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Botanical Gardens) and last but by no means least, the instigator of the whole shebang and MC on the night, Chris Blythe.

Balcony Larder: A stonking great aubergine plant

I’m told that aubergines can grow like weeds in hot, dry places, though Wikipedia describes them as a “delicate perennial“. There’s one of their kind doing pretty well in my kitchen, as you can see. Decidedly  indelicate, robust even.

Given to me as a titchy little thing by @policyworks at the end of April, I plonked it in front of the window that catches the morning sunshine, and gave it a desultory water from time to time. Then these surprisingly enormous leaves started to happen.

Balcony Larder: Winterbourne ups the ante

Oh dear.

I’ve already got the Greedy Gardener as a guilt-tripping personal trainer on this malarkey. And now the Winterbourne people are joining in.

They’re going to be carrying out a parallel experiment. That really ups the ante.

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