The Urban Farming Food Chain Project, Los Angeles

Urban Farming, an urban agriculture organisation in Los Angeles, began in 2005.

Focused around the re-use of derelict land, their aim is to ensure adequate food for those in need, educating young and old alike to create more sustainable economic system.

Registering your own garden project is easy, and you’d be joining nearly 60,000 others on the Food Chain Project.

Most are in North America, and there are a few in the UK and Hungary. All are working towards a healthier and more empowered way of life through the combined efforts of committed groups of community gardeners.

The “Urban Farming 100 Million Families and Friends Global Campaign”, run by the Food Chain Project, is an ambitious campaign aimed at further increasing the impact of urban agriculture across the world, with hopes to recruit 100 million people towards its cause.

This project will involve the unemployed, underemployed, malnourished and unwell in a bid to improve countless lives through the application of local farming.

By encouraging and empowering people to grow their own food, the project aims to reduce dependence on emergency food supplies among at-risk groups.

Read more about the Food Chain Project here.

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