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Birmingham Food Growers NEED YOU!

On the 16th March food growing projects across Birmingham will be opening their doors, gates and sheds to locals in order to introduce you to their sites, start the growing year and get help from volunteers to complete a range of activities (tree planting, seed sowing, soil preparation and MORE!).  Across the city, 26 sites have signed up so far….more on the way.

If you want to find out what’s happening there are lots of projects signing up and offering lots of exciting activities and events for volunteers and locals. VOLUNTEERS WHO FILL OUT A REWARD CARD OF VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES WILL BE ENTERED INTO A PRIZE DRAW!

NOT A GARDENER? – WE NEED PHOTOGRAPHERS AND COORDINATORS TO HELP US MAKE THIS HAPPEN. If you’re a photographer and would like your pictures published online or possibly in print then please get in touch with Chris or Clare on the emails below.

If you’re a project and you want to open up your grow site on the 16th March (or around) then get in touch with Chris ([email protected]) or Clare ([email protected]) and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

If you have an event already planned then please go straight to and fill in the details.

Grow Sites signed up to Big Dig can benefit from a 20 PER CENT DISCOUNT ON COMPOST DIRECT products either order online or over the phone once you’ve signed up you’ll get the discount code.

If you need help with setting up a grow site, event and more here


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  1. im all for communal gardening, but spare a thought for the ‘Big’ 3 Tescos, Sainsburies and Asda.Think of the job losses if we all decide to grow our
    own.Even fruit&veg from abroad that has to be flown in,could have a adverse
    affect from lowering demand.Egyptian potatoes,French runner beans and
    Moldovian Spinach,would be a great loss, i feel, so a balance needs to be found


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