Sydney City Farm, Australia

Sydney City Farm is a not-for-profit organisation, joint owned by all of its members in the community. It is kept alive through donations, grants and membership fees.

The idea for Sydney City Farm began in 2007, aiming to create a community farm in the heart of Sydney using the principles of permaculture. Their vision is to establish a ‘green sanctuary to showcase an eco-friendly future in the heart of Sydney’, practising both agriculture and animal husbandry, and selling their local-grown produce in a cafeteria on site. The project also aims to have an educational slant, where people can learn about renewable technologies and water-saving techniques at a planned Sustainable Living Centre.

The project has been evolving through a series of potential locations, from Callan Park in Iron Cove, Harold Park, Sydney Park and the Powerhouse Museum. The 28th July recently saw a community event geared towards allowing residents of Sydney to have their say in what they’d like to see in the upcoming city farm. On the first of August, Sydney Park hosted a ‘pop-up farm‘ with hundreds of herb pots and animal pens with goats, rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs. This event helped to give children and adults alike a chance to see what a farm in Sydney Park might look and feel like.

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